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Businesses Keep North Dakota Strong

I had the opportunity earlier this month to sit down and visit with the Greater North Dakota Chamber to discuss North Dakota's business climate and workforce needs. As a Bismarck resident, I've seen the importance that a strong, healthy business climate plays in ensuring the success and continued opportunities for everyday North Dakotans.

Entrepreneurs who are brave enough to open a small business deserve to have the freedom to succeed, without onerous tax and regulatory policies. Business small and large alike need talented, skilled people to fill their workforce needs.

We are facing a workforce shortage that threatens our ability to grow our economy. We must respond to the changing business environment, and ensure we are preparing people for opportunities.

As your representative, I will bring my experience in workforce development and in connecting people with opportunities. I will focus on making investments in the future rather than expenses for yesterday, giving space for businesses to grow and allowing for opportunities for economic success.

GNDC's policy goals for the upcoming session are three that I can and will support:

1) Protect and improve North Dakota's business climate through common sense regulatory policy, a fair and equitable tax structure, and strategic investments in economic development.

2) Accelerate the creation and implementation of workforce solutions designed to enhance strengths and resolve weaknesses impacting development of North Dakota's workforce.

3) Promote smart approaches to regulation and investment in infrastructure specific to transportation, energy, water, and connectivity to best support the needs of business.

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