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Endorsed by Gov. Ed Schafer

I am honored and thrilled to be endorsed for the District 7 House by former ND Gov. Ed Schafer.

Gov. Schafer led the tide of a turn to Republican leadership in North Dakota when he won in 1992.

Schafer brought his experience as a businessman to the state's government, bringing experience in budgeting and management to the public sector. During his time as governor, Schafer worked with the private sector to expand and diversify our state's economy. This leadership is in large part responsible for the economic success of North Dakota today. I am committed to continuing to build those public-private partnerships, to allow for economic opportunities for North Dakotans, and to fill workforce needs in our state.

I admire the work that Gov. Schafer did to bring North Dakota to the place it is today, and am thankful for all of the work he has done to serve our great state. I am proud to have his endorsement for District 7 House.

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