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Thank you for these kind words

In the upcoming primary election in District 7, there are two Republicans who rise to the top with their experience, aptitude, and ability to best represent the district. Jason Dockter and Retha Mattern are grounded in strong conservative values, are pro-life, and will bring integrity and commitment with them to the House.

Dockter has a proven track record in voting to uphold North Dakota’s values and advocating for veterans. Mattern, the working mother of two young children, brings experience in workforce development and in finding solutions to problems that face everyday North Dakotans.

Together, Dockter and Mattern will work hard to fight against federal overreach and will ensure strong conservative leadership prevails in North Dakota. I am proud to support Dockter and Mattern in the primary election on June 14, and ask you to do the same for a better North Dakota.

Parrell Grossman, Bismarck

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